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High imitation jute wedge sandal, very light and comfortable special for wide feet.

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Imitation jute wedge sandal with padded insole, lined with microfiber, which is extremely comfortable.

Extremely realistic jute imitation.

The advantage over jute is that it can get wet.

Cowhide strips with a combination of 2 colors.

Two adjustment strips for the instep closed with two buckles.

It is a sandal for wide or very wide feet.

Ankle closure with buckle.

The ankle strap is a bit long so that it works for all types of ankles since if there is excess it can be cut.

Height 5.5 cm.

Non-slip rubber sole.

Padded plant.

Very light sandal.

The insole is composed of  a textile called microfiber that is used in sports garments due to its great perspiration power.

Soft skins.

The ankle strap with buckle closure is long so that it adapts to all types of ankles since if it is left over it can be cut.

Light colored sandals darken with use, giving a nice aged leather look,

This product is not industrially manufactured, it is made 100% by ourselves.

Leather is a natural product that can show variations in color and imperfections that give a sign of its authenticity.

With use and due to the characteristics of the skin, the straps almost always give way and adapt to the shape of the feet.

5,5 cm
360 gm
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Do not leave leather articles exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time as they may suffer from color variations.

For the cleaning of products with turned skins  (e.g.- cork sandal insole) a mixture of 50% water and ammonia is made and applied with a brush. Let dry and then once dry, brush again.

If the skin gets wet you just have to let it dry in the shade.

Do not soak the skin in salty water and if this occurs wash with fresh water.

You can apply style NIVEA cream to hydrate (color may vary), once or twice a year.

For scratches you can apply color repairing bitumen.

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