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SinComentarios is a self-taught workshop for the manufacture of leather and leather articles, mainly bags,foodwear and accessories, which was created in 1995. The products are manufactured using manual tools and processes.
The beginnings of SinComentarios were directed towards the saddlery, dedicating ourselves at that time to making and fixing horse harness and saddle repair.
Subsequently, it evolves towards artisan binding, making letters from restaurants such as Carmen de San Miguel, Andalusian Poets, Casa Fernando, etc. (all of them restaurants in Granada) and a corporate gift such as the pharmaceutical company Jansen-Cilag. Currently SinComentarios is dedicated to the manufacture of some binding articles (diaries).
In 1998, bags and accessories began to be made.
Numerous techniques have been investigated, whether they be dyeing or manufacturing with different types of leather (heifers, boxcalf, split leather, nubuck, chamois, patent leather, etc.), materials and finishes.
During these years, the manufacture of bags and accessories has been complemented with the production of unique pieces created with different techniques such as engraving, embossing, openwork or relief, adapting them to decorative items (lamps, mirrors, watches, umbrella stands), which in turn we combine with different materials such as iron or wood (all made by us).
New decorative techniques such as forging, polychroming, aging or inlaying are currently being investigated. Today SinComentarios is dedicated mainly to the creation and manufacture of bags, accessories and footwear (leather goods, belts, handbags, personal ornament, sandals), always complemented with pieces of decoration, binding, etc. Evolving towards designer pieces in top quality cowhides with the best finishes for clients with the highest level of demand.
 The commercialization of the products is done through direct sales at craft fairs such as those in Getxo (6), Segovia (7), Seville (5), Granada (12), Cuenca (5), Burgos (2), Talavera, Laguna de Duero, Guadalajara, Zarautz, Leioa, Valladolid, Salamanca (3), Madrid (7), Biocultura Madrid (2), Barcelona (5) and Madrid Reconquistarte (5), Lisbon (Portugal), Toulouse (France), London (UK) etc.
and participation in professional fairs such as Intergift- Madrid (10) or Simm-Barcelona.

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As you can see in the online store, our main products are bags and footwear. For any request contact us

We study any personalized request.
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