Artisan outlet bags of various sizes at reduced prices and with the usual quality.

Atlan bag. Atlan bag. 2
  • -35%

Atlan bag.

Small bag with 2 compartments for when you only need to carry what you need.
In Stock
€16.12 €24.79
Bhosh bag Bhosh bag 2
  • -37%

Bhosh bag

Bag convertible into a backpack that can be made bigger or smaller depending on the interest.
Last items in stock
€41.13 €65.29
Bhrok bag Bhrok bag 2
  • -25%

Bhrok bag

Adjustable shoulder bag that can also be worn as a short bag.
Last items in stock
€30.99 €41.32
Bolso mochila Hiral Bolso mochila Hiral 2
  • -55%

Bolso mochila Hiral

Large bag that can be converted into a 5-compartment backpack with a secret pocket where you can carry your water bottle.
Last items in stock
€29.75 €66.12
Bolso Opto Bolso Opto 2
  • On sale!
  • -25%

Bolso Opto

Bag for men or women that consists of 5 compartments.
Last items in stock
€32.85 €43.80
Bolso Sael Bolso Sael 2
  • -25%

Bolso Sael

Youth style shoulder bag with flap.
Last items in stock
€30.37 €40.50
Cukk bag Cukk bag 2
  • -30%

Cukk bag

Large adjustable shoulder bag that weighs very little.
Last items in stock
€34.13 €48.76
Daka bag / backpack Daka bag / backpack 2
  • -40%

Daka bag / backpack

Convertible bag in backpack combined with engraved imitation reptile leather.
Last items in stock
€32.23 €53.72
Dovr fanny pack/front bag Dovr fanny pack/front bag 2
  • -25%

Dovr fanny pack/front bag

Waist bag with 4 compartments that can also be carried as a cross-body bag on the chest
In Stock
€32.85 €43.80
Ehmgo bag/bum bag Ehmgo bag/bum bag 2
  • -35%

Ehmgo bag/bum bag

Small convertible bag in fanny pack made of hard leather to carry what is important.
In Stock
€16.12 €24.79
Madd bag Madd bag 2
  • -50%

Madd bag

Small bag to carry everything you really need.
Last items in stock
€12.40 €24.79
Mahira bag Mahira bag 2
  • -35%

Mahira bag

Small bag with three compartments that has an embroidered decorative motif.
Last items in stock
€18.80 €28.93
Niseko bag Niseko bag 2
  • -55%

Niseko bag

Small women's bag with an ideal size to carry more than necessary.
Last items in stock
€20.45 €45.45
Osakk bag / backpack Osakk bag / backpack 2
  • -55%

Osakk bag / backpack

Convertible bag into a medium-sized backpack.
In Stock
€20.45 €45.45
Pragg bag Pragg bag 2
  • -25%

Pragg bag

Classic man bag with 4 compartments Ipad size.
In Stock
€40.29 €53.72
Riñonera Roa Riñonera Roa 2
  • -50%

Riñonera Roa

Unisex waist bag to carry everything you need and have your hands free.
In Stock
€12.40 €24.79
Sahl bag Sahl bag 2
  • -25%

Sahl bag

Large bag with 4 compartments made of soft leather and with a flap in turned leather.
In Stock
€34.09 €45.45

Simp belt bag

Two-compartment bum bag made entirely of leather.
Last items in stock
Ublín bag Ublín bag 2
  • -28%

Ublín bag

Small men's bag with 2 outer pockets so you can have everything close at hand.
In Stock
€32.73 €45.45
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