Rio Bag / Backpack
Rio Bag / Backpack
Rio Bag / Backpack

Rio Bag / Backpack

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Convertible bag into a medium-sized backpack with several compartments.

  • Orange-Brown


Bag with the option of carrying a backpack made of leather that consists of 5 compartments.

Zippered main compartment with large opening.

It consists of two zippered outer compartments. One in the front and one in the back.

Two interior pockets, one as a separator closed with a clasp and the other closed with a zipper. These pockets are made of leather that guarantee long durability.

When carried as a bag it is folded and when carried as a backpack it is unfolded.

To make it backpack it is opened and the strap is placed on a side washer, then it goes through a large washer on the top (which serves when it is closed on the part of the closure), and finally it is placed on the side washer on the other side . The piece with the clasp closes on itself.

Made with soft leathers

Lined in leather that guarantees long durability towards sharp objects such as keys

Adjustable leather strap.

Premium leather that with use acquires the beauty of authentic skin.

High quality zippers made in Spain.

Strong bag / backpack for daily use.

All our bags are made by us in a completely handmade way, passing through our hands all the pieces during all the processes.

20 cm bag / 32 cm backpack
32 cm
640 gm
Ouverture principale
36 cm
Back zip opening
20 cm
Inner zip opening
20 cm
Front pocket opening
20 cm
Sack shape measure
4 cm
Maximum strap measurement
180 cm
Minimum strap size
100 cm
Strap width
2,5 cm
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Do not leave leather articles exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time as they may suffer from color variations.

For the cleaning of products with turned skins  (e.g.- cork sandal insole) a mixture of 50% water and ammonia is made and applied with a brush. Let dry and then once dry, brush again.

If the skin gets wet you just have to let it dry in the shade.

Do not soak the skin in salty water and if this occurs wash with fresh water.

You can apply style NIVEA cream to hydrate (color may vary), once or twice a year.

For scratches you can apply color repairing bitumen.

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